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to preserve outdoor adventures

EPYK is a Swiss outdoor brand and a fundraising platform in one. By riding with EPYK you invest in selected projects that do good for the place we love most – nature.

swiss outdoor brand  X  fundraising plattform

As we embarked on the journey of EPYK, we constantly questioned ourselves: how can we not only ensure that our products are sustainably and ethically produced, but also have a positive impact on the natural environment where we explore and adventure?

While the solution is complex, the ideal approach would be to produce as little new as possible, and instead focus on reusing or repairing existing items. However, as a community and consumers, we are not quite there yet. As a result, EPYK has chosen to take an intermediate approach by minimizing negative impacts and actively promoting positive actions.

Organic. Recyled. Fair Wear. Made with renewable energies.

All of our products are produced with organic or recyled materials that are GOTS and Fair Wear Foundation certified – the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

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