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let's just start somewhere – now.

By riding EPYK you support these great projects below with half of the earnings generated.

All of them do good for the place we love most – our nature. 



Glacier conservation

raised by the EPYK community

CHF 7521.20


The Cover Project is designed to support people who are highly dependent on the melt water supply from glaciers and to protect the environment. At least 200 million people worldwide will face water shortages if their glaciers disappear.

A new ecological technique of snowmaking to protect large glaciers without the use of electricity is under development, while covers will be used to protect smaller glaciers.


Snow Cover

The snowmaking system is intended to help counteract the problem of melting glaciers. Snow protects the underlying ice from melting because it has an insulating effect and reflects a large part of the solar radiation. As long as the glacier is covered with snow, the ice will not melt. This preserves the glaciers as a reliable water reservoir for future generations and safeguards their water supply and thus people's livelihoods. To make such glacier protection projects possible, a ground-independent snowmaking system is needed.
You may now ask why not use a fleece cover. Fleece is only suitable for small glaciers. Large glaciers are too big and have too much ice movement. The innovative snowmaking system is different from conventional snowmaking systems, it is specially designed for glaciers.


Snow Production

Meltwater is collected in reservoirs, converted into snow at sufficiently low temperatures and distributed on the glacier by snow cables. Snow blowing pipes are installed at intervals of 40 meters, enabling large-scale automatic snowmaking. With the Swiss patented "Nessy" system, it is possible to produce snow without electrical energy. Only 200 meters of height difference between the water source and the snow cable are necessary to generate the required pressure of 20 bar in the water pipe.

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